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Australian Memory Championships


  12th Australian Open Memory Championship

The 2015 Australian Open Memory Championship powered by Optimem draws competitors from all over the country to compete to be named as having the best memory in Australia.

As an ‘Open’ national competition the event is open to memory athletes from anywhere in the world.

The competition includes memorizing in ten events:
  1. Names and Faces
  2. Binary Numbers
  3. Random Numbers
  4. Abstract Images
  5. Speed Numbers
  6. Historic / Future Dates
  7. Playing Cards
  8. Random Words
  9. Spoken Numbers
  10. Speed Cards
To learn more about the events and watch instructional videos click here

The 2015 Championship will be held 7 & 8th of November in Melbourne at RMIT University.

The Championship is open to competitors of all ages from Australia and overseas – international competitors can win the Open, but not the Australian champion title.

Ten events are held over two days with time restrictions. Competitors are awarded points for each event and the winner with the most points is named the champion.

Participants in the Australian Memory Championship can represent Australia at the 24th World Memory Championship in China between 5th and 15th December 2015.

Register Now www.memorychampionship.com.au

Thanks to Mental Athlete who is the main sponsor for 2015  mentalathlete.com.au

 Thanks to Mental Athlete - who is the main sponsor for the 2015 Australian Memory Championships

Thanks to Mental Athlete who is the main sponsor for the 2015 Austrlaian Memory champs

Short Video on 2012 Australian Open Memory Championship




Mindwerx International started the Buzan Centre in Australia and New Zealand in 2000, and has organised the Australian Memory Championship since 2001

Current world ranking of top 13 Australian competitors (as at 1st September 2015, based on World Rankings)

1    152    Simon Orton
2    269    Tansel Ali
3    292    Nathan Walk
4    519    Metin Hassan
5    522    Russell Bauer
6    554    Justin Hartley
7    559    Chris Lyons
8    601    Daniel Kilov
9    702    Chad Sidler
10    727    Simon Chalmers
11    741    Nathan Companez
12    794    Shani Flynn
13    963    Danielle Kung

Australian Memory championship competitors 2012

2012 Australian Open Memory Championship competitors

Those who compete in a National Championship may be eligible to participate in the World Memory Championships www.worldmemorychampionships.com

For information on the Australian Open Memory Championship please email jennifer@buzan.com.au

Jennifer is Convenor of the Australian competition, fomerly Senior Arbiter at the World Memory Championships and past Member of the World Memory Sports Council. 

In her former role as Deputy Chief Statistician, Jennifer managed the World Memory Statistics

2012 Australian Open Memory Championship Team

The whole 2012 Australian Open Memory Championship Team


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On our sister site www.mindwerx.com we have released a series of 10 videos to provide insight into how a National Memory Championships is run.

These 3-4 minute on-line presentations show examples of the 10 Disciplines and are suitable for people interested in competing in a memory event, volunteers who help adjudicate and journalists and others.





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