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How to Mind Map using software and hand drawn How to Mind Map

How to remember names, details, facts, seminars How to have a better memory

How to Speed Read - the Speed Reading Book How to Speed Read

How to Study Successfully - study skills that Matter How to Study Successfully

Suffering from information overload?

Want to improve your ability to think, learn and innovate?

Want to improve your study skills, achieve your goals faster, while having more fun?

Ready to take your learning skills to the next level to achieve the success you deserve?

If you answer YES, (for you personally or your team), then you are at the right place.

Tony Buzan has dedicated his life to advancing Global Mental Literacy.

Tony Buzan is the Inventor of Mind Mapping – Brain Expert – Best-Selling Author – Renowned Speaker – Government Consultant.


Jennifer Goddard, Tony Buzan and Bill Jarrard Think Buzan Licensed Instructor Program

Jennifer Goddard, Tony Buzan and Bill Jarrard
in Orlando, Florida


In 2001 Bill Jarrard and Jennifer Goddard co-founders of Mindwerx International established the Buzan Centre in Australia

Between them they and have introduced thousands of people to Tony Buzan's Advanced learning techniques including Mind Mapping®, Speed Reading, Improved Memory, Study Skills.

Buzan at Mindwerx offers advanced learning programs to leaders committed to increasing the Intellectual Capital of their organisation.  In-house courses tailored to your Organisation

How to Mind Map for Business Planning Mind Mapping to Get Things Done

In addition we also offer tailored mentoring and coaching programs for individuals and small teams Tailored mentoring and coaching.

Small team or One-on-one e.g. for Doctors, lawyers, CEOs, small and medium sized business owners, teachers and Undergraduate and Mature Age students.

Our passion is to tailor programs to your specific needs, those of your organisation or school, and those of your people. more ...

Email Bill at bill@buzan.com.au to ask about how we can create a memorable learning experience for you and your people.

Can you improve your intelligence?? 
Can we make ourselves smarter?


Can Mind Mapping, Memory Techniques and learning to Read with Purpose and Speed make you smarter?

Yes, Yes and Yes

If you want to Age-Proof Your Brain, Increase Your Intelligence or overall Upgrade your Neck-Top Computer in your organisation or family then explore our website to find out more.




Jennifer was appointed Tony's senior Master Trainer globally.

Jennifer is a co-author with Tony, and the Editor of his Biography - she is almost certainly more in touch with Tony's body of work, and how to train others in his methods, than anyone else in the world.

Bill Jarrard, personally appointed by Tony Buzan to be a senior Buzan Instructor, has been using and teaching Buzan methods for more than 25 years.

Bill is also Mindwerx International's Master Trainer in Creativity & Innovation, and Front Line Innovation.

What is a Mind Map?

A Mind Map® is a powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain.

Developed by Tony Buzan in the late 1960's Mind Maps harnesses the full range of cortical skills - word, image, number, logic, rhythm, colour and spatial awareness - in a single, uniquely powerful manner - giving you the freedom to roam the infinite expanses of your brain.

You use LESS than 1% of your potential brain power. To unleash the remaining 99%, use the Buzan BrainFriendly processes allowing you  personal & professional productivity.

Download the Laws of Mind Mapping PDF


"Maximise The Potential of Your Brain"
Tony Buzan Talks About Mind Mapping



The 'must have' biography for everyone who Mind Maps and uses Tony Buzan's methods.  Edited by Jennifer Goddard

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Tony Buzan's Personal Website




Listen to Interviews with Tony Buzan
Mind Mapping to Get Things Done


The revolutionary new book from Tony Buzan with Buzan Centre co-founder
Jennifer Goddard

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Brain Training for Kids
written by Jennifer Goddard
and Tony Buzan

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Buzan at Mindwerx eStore
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Mind Mapping
Decors Speed Reading

  Absolutely Fantastic. I not only learnt the skills to use Mind Maps but I was given quite a number of tips to use in my training. Thanks Jennifer.
Pamela McConchie
  Sensational. I did my masters the hard way. I can see that I can now help so many students - brilliant. Thank you!
Lisa Crowhurst
  "Mega-Brilliant" Thank you.
Barry Hester
  I've tried Mind Mapping before but this session really helped bring it to life.
Rae Gibbons
  Very Good session. Learnt so much in 4 hours, Jennifer was fantastic.
Stacey Bond